Moisture detection

Utilizing and thermal camera and moisture meters are the most non-evasive effective ways to detect water leaks.

HVAC thermal efficiency

Discover efficiency deficiencies of appliances through temperature differences

HVAC thermal loss

Locate areas of HVAC duct leakage that are concealed inside walls and other finished materials.

Insulation gaps

insulation Thermal loss

Help identify areas of insulation gaps in the attic and wall areas of the home.


Thermal imaging

Welcome to the world of thermal imaging for our clients home inspections! Imagine having a specialized tool that enables us to detect and analyze issues beyond what the naked eye can see. Thermal imaging is a powerful technique that enhances the precision and thoroughness of home inspections.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging for our Home Inspection Clients:

  1. Detect Hidden Issues: Thermal cameras help us identify concealed problems such as leaks or heat loss behind walls or ceilings. It provides an in-depth view, akin to an advanced diagnostic tool for your home.
  2. Safety Assessment: Thermal imaging is employed to evaluate the safety of electrical systems. It serves as an advanced method to detect potential hazards, ensuring your home remains secure.
  3. Pest Identification: Thermal cameras can assist in locating unexpected visitors like pests or rodents hiding within your home. This method serves as a precise and efficient way to identify issues that may go unnoticed.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Identifying areas where your home loses heat enables you to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. Thermal imaging acts as a strategic guide, pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

The importance of having obtained Professional Thermal Imagery Training:

  1. Skill Enhancement: Utilizing thermal cameras requires a specialized skill set. Professional training equips us with the necessary skills to operate and interpret thermal images effectively.
  2. Precision in Inspections: We can conduct more accurate and comprehensive assessments, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed promptly. Professional training enhances the quality of the inspection process.
  3. Client Communication: We strive to effectively communicate findings to our clients, providing a clear understanding of the inspection results. This ensures you are well-informed about necessary improvements and maintenance.

Thermal imaging in home inspections is an advanced and invaluable tool. With professional training, inspectors can harness the full potential of thermal imaging to conduct thorough assessments, identify hidden issues, and provide clients with actionable insights for maintaining a safe and efficient home. We are committed to delivering exceptional and precise home inspection services through the use of cutting-edge technology and expertise.